The most Googled stories of 2013 told through videogames, French edition

The world of French politics is filled with violence, sex scandals, and intrigue, pretty much like everywhere else in the world. So what better way to recap the buzziest stories in France in 2013 than by compiling a montage of scenes from violent, sexy videogames?  That’s what digital creation students at la Sorbonne did with this short film “Les Temps Modernes,” and the juxtapositions are frequently startling. Watch on with cognitive dissonance as nearly recognizable, fun games are mashed up with tabloid fodder such as Jerome Cahuzac’s tax evasion and Silvio Berlusconi’s prostitution sting. As a side note, I’m canceling…


Climate Defense isn’t obligated to be fair to climate change deniers

There’s nothing that will get two stolid, amenable, friendly people at each others throats faster than the issue of climate change. Speaking as a liberal living in the South, this is a topic I’ve learned not to broach because you will not win, even after the entire island nation of Maldives has been drowned in the Indian Ocean.  – — Yet the certainty of heated arguments to come wouldn’t stop Game The News from making a game about climate control called Climate Defense. Game The News position themselves as news correspondents, social provocateurs who specialize in political games, or news…