Erotica Robotica

Erotica Robotica proves sex with robots is tricky

In this fantastical world of booming technological advances in robotics, you’d probably be lying if you said you’ve never thought about sex with robots. After all, the topic has been almost unavoidable, cropping up in the news thanks to very possibly sex-craved innovators like this man, who made his personal robot look eerily like Scarlett Johansson, and the many people—including myself—who swooned over the AI who spouts post-modern poetry. Enter Erotica Robotica, a game where two players must work together to sexually pleasure a robot named SAMM-69, to satiate that, uh, curiosity. And SAMM-69, the genderless robot clothed in a…

Erotic Objects

Media artist makes cute little sex machines

If you’ve ever wondered how it would look to watch virtual machines masterbate, Latvian artist Elstons Kuns has you covered. In his surrealistic virtual art project Erotic Objects, Kuns celebrates the human body by reducing it into a cleaner, less-messy series of colorful automotron, or more precisely, autoerotic machinery. It’s difficult to look away: these hypnotizing pastel mechanical contraptions, made via coding in Linux, can masturbate themselves into oblivion. Erotic Objects takes the most base human act and immortalizes it as art. The project, on one hand, represents industrialized sexuality without the intricate human nuances and feelings allegedly necessary to…


The director of the greatest cult sci-fi cybersex film wants to make another

There are few interactions more intense than sex. And I mean good sex. Not the kind of sex where you’re lying on your back just taking it. Being a supine host for an unaccomplished zealot is no fun. But when you want to taste and inhale your partner, and they return that same lust, what forms is a chemical experience doused in sweaty ecstasy. This kind of sex might be the ultimate interaction. In the cybersexual universes of Shu Lea Cheang this is an undisputed fact, and it is big industry. Cheang makes tech-fetish sci-fi porn movies that turns data…