In this game, firearms are all the magic you’ll need

At first glance of Aegis Defenders, with its robed teen hero and wizened old man duo, you may think, “Wow, what a beautiful 16-bit fantasy game!” On one account, you’d be right. This game has an undeniably gorgeous, hand painted art style that redefines what 16-bit is capable of. But on the other you’d be dead wrong, because Aegis Defenders is much closer to a post-apocalyptic tale than anything fantastical. In fact, the only “magic” you’ll be wielding here are turrets and drones left over from an ancient civilization (spoiler alert: it’s probably us). After humanity suffered some unspecified calamity, the world…


Here’s how Shovel Knight devs made the first modern NES game

The discourse around Shovel Knight, the chivalrous and retrofitted platformer released earlier in the week for Wii U, 3DS, and Steam, is that it’s a NES game developed a few decades after the fact—very reminiscent of blasting renegade robots with Mega Man or pogo-hopping on a cane with Scrooge McDuck.  But in a really fun postmortem on the game at Gamasutra, David D’Angelo of the dev team explains that this is not merely a rehash of the old. The design is result of a thoroughly investigated vision of how games for the classic NES would look today if its predecessor,…