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Beard Blade might be the manliest videogame of them all

Inspired by SNES, Genesis, and GBA classics, Beard Blade is an eccentric 2D platformer that follows the adventures of a farmer as he struggles to rid his town of troublesome imps. After an encounter with a magically-skilled barber, the farmer takes on the pseudonym Beard Blade, and his beard becomes not just a physical manifestation of his masculinity, but also his greatest weapon in battle. The Kickstarter trailer for Beard Blade begins with an animation of the pirate-like imps attacking the farmer’s village with cannonballs, but he saves the day by catching a projectile with his beard and using it to…


In The Pedestrian, it’s the signs that’ll do the walking

The genericized male figure has escaped his perch on the bathroom sign and soon his female counterpart in the gender binary shall do the same. That’s not bad as a political statement, but how does it fare as a game? The Pedestrian, which developers Skookum Arts have slated for a mid-2016 release, turns this timely premise into an adventure game. The male figure is not running off, Man of La Mancha-style, to break down the gender binary; no, he’s out to rescue the object of his affections, the female bathroom figure. He travels the only way he knows how: through…


Paul Krugman delivers punches and ripostes in an arcade-style news game

In light of the recent imposition of capital controls in Greece and the looming prospect of a Grexit, now seems like as good a time as any to talk about economists punching one another. He has the mien of a vituperative hobgoblin  Paul Krugman, the Nobel Prize-winning economist, New York Times columnist, and co-author of an excellent International Economics textbook (amongst others), has the mien of a vituperative hobgoblin. Judging by the picture next to his byline, he wants to punch someone in the face. (And considering the state of the economy, can you blame him?) Luckily for Krugman and…