A Twitter bot turns old Sierra games into beautiful glitches

There’s a narrator who routinely mutters random, bewildering sentences to Adam Mathes on his Twitter feed. He’s fine with it. He put the narrator there himself. It’s actually somewhat of a comfort. This narrator exists under the Twitter handle @quest_ebooks but started out life in Sierra Entertainment’s many classic adventure games. Mathes grew up playing those adventure games, he loved them, and so he wanted to bring their “omniscient, antagonistic, baffling” narrators through his life with him. This is why he created a Twitter bot for them to exist within. Mathes was inspired by Andrew Vestal’s “YouAreCarrying” bot. That one tweets…


A new murder mystery from the Agatha Christie of adventure games is coming April 15th

Moebius: Empire Rising is the upcoming game by Jane Jensen, who is pretty much the Agatha Christie of adventure games, and not just because she’s written some of the Agatha Christie adventure games. She’s known for games about romance and thrillers and murder mysteries, just like Christie, such as the Gabriel Knight series—games from the ’90s that feature the titular “most charming womanizer you ever met.” I mean, with a name like Gabriel Knight, how could he not be. Since Jensen’s days at Sierra, she’s pretty much exclusively used the genre as an outlet for evolving the murder mystery novel,…