Sonic the Hedgehog Boom

Hacker combines one of the best Sonic games with arguably the worst one

For the uninitiated, there are two things that Sonic the Hedgehog loves above all else: running really fast and collecting rings. The latter is such an integral part of the anthropomorphic blue hedgehog’s life that without just one, by simply touching him, he’ll die. This love affair is the primary subject of a new take on the original Sonic the Hedgehog (1991). Using a process called ROM hacking, allowing for the alteration of a game’s graphics, levels, musics and, in this case, dialogue, hacker Victor “VAdaPEGA” Araújo has combined Sonic the Hedgehog with the game Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric…


You’ll be laughing all the way to hell in this Arcane Kids racing game

Arcane Kids, most recently known for Sonic Dreams Collection, already have some practice at turning your childhood memories into nightmare fuel. After tackling everything from Pokémon to the beloved hedgehog, they’ve now moved on to destroy/infinitely enhance classic racing games in their Fantastic Arcade entry entitled CRAP! No On Loves Me. a glitch and and a nostalgic guilt trip  Described by its creators as “a daily affirmation,” the game continues the Arcane Kids’ unique brand. Which is to say it delivers an experience somewhere between a glitch and and a nostalgic guilt trip. Presumably named after that realization you had at the…


This is a command: you have to play Sonic Dreams Collection

Sign up to receive each week’s Playlist e-mail here! Also check out our full, interactive Playlist section. Sonic Dreams Collection (PC, Mac)  BY Arcane Kids One of the most unwieldy videogame fanbases has met its match in Sonic Dreams Collection. Building upon the classic franchise’s already sky-high fan-made mythology, Sonic Dreams Collection claims to be the leaked files from never-before-seen Sonic SEGA games. Created by Arcane Kids, the same group who brought you the hellish delights of Pokémon Millennial Edition, these hot new “leaks” include a Sonic body distorter, a sexually disturbed movie maker, a torrid Sonic lover affair/roommate simulator, and an Eggman game you can only play…


Now we can all participate in the kitschy nightmares of Sonic fan art

Sonic is a gross island. His fans sit atop his belly and cast lines out into the vast pools of the internet, reeling in fetishes you’ve never heard of. The result is Sonic fan art: trashy Microsoft Paint sketches, dodgy amateur photoshops, and more creepy porn cross-overs than should ever be possible. There’s so much Sonic fan art that an internet pastime is typing your first name into Google Images followed by “the hedgehog,” and seeing yourself transformed into the ghastly Sonicverse. (It works because fans have created an unfathomable number of Sonic variants with alternative names—almost all names, it…


Mother of God, it’s every airship level from Mario 3 at once

If your childhood was like my childhood, every Bullet Bill and spinning cannon from Super Mario Bros. 3‘s airship boss levels have been permanently burned into your memory.  But that was then, and this is now. Because screen resolution has improved so drastically since the days of RF switches and rabbit ears, it’s now possible to display much more of old games’ levels on a single screen, as can be seen in these fascinating clips by YouTuber Atlas Videos.  Not only that, but levels can be layered together to create Mario airship hell, apparently. This bit of retro voodoo is pulled…