This incredible musical tool changes your voice into any instrument

Imitone is at the home stretch of a highly successful Kickstarter campaign, but it’s worth taking a look because it’s a very cool project that allows you to compose digital music simply by humming into a microphone, and because I ran into its creator Evan Balster at GDC and I told him I’d post about it.  You might know Balster as the digital audio programmer for Dance of the Necromancer, SoundSelf, and Cave Story Plus; or you might know him for usually carrying with him his accordion. That’s not just for the Kickstarter video.  As he explains in the pitch…


Robin Arnott: "The indie scene is still almost completely made up of white dudes"

Quoth a white dude in the indie scene. In specific, this was the response that the developer of SoundSelf and Deep Sea gave to the infamous question: “What do you think of the current state of the indie scene?” Well, he thinks its doing okay, besides not living up to the facade of inclusivity: But I’m a white dude. And the Indie Scene is still almost completely made up of white dudes. It’s very difficult to tell if the work we’re doing to be more inclusive is actually working, or more or less just lip service.  And you’re right. We quoted from…


SoundSelf creator Robin Arnott talks games as meditation, sensory deprivation, and acid

SoundSelf is a game like none other: a tantric, psychedelic, Zen-like, trancelike, hypnotic, and hyperreal experience of being one with algorithms, and, yeah, the universe. When I played it, or rather chanted to it, a year ago in San Francisco, I found it a completely engrossing and soothing experience. But the project has come a long way since then. According to a far out interview with its dev Robin Arnott, the shifty, amorphous mandala sim is almost gaining consciousness. Just take that with a grain of salt because in the same interview he talks about being inspired by taking acid…