No Man's Sky

How to understand No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky is out. You’ll have to forgive me, but that feels like something worth saying. Not because the game is the second coming, or because it is “the last game” we’ll ever need, but because, even after all this time, it remains a game built in service of a tantalizing idea. When Sean Murray spoke to Kill Screen’s Jamin Warren earlier this year he put it simply: “the emotion that we wanted to get from people is that emotion of, ‘I have travelled to a place and discovered it.’” That idea, of true discovery in a digital world,…


Null Operator is the videogame that refuses to die

One of the more common pieces of advice given to aspiring writers is to “kill your darlings.” It simply means that writers should be willing to remove passages or ideas from their work that they might personally enjoy in service of the reader. Over the course of developing his game Null Operator, Anton from game development studio Rust Ltd., has killed several darlings. When it was first announced to the internet as a whole in a blog post in October of 2014, Null Operator was pitched as a game where players fly a spaceship through a cramped, mechanical environment shooting…


This InnerSpace trailer is here to make sure you find tranquility today

Hey man, how’s your Wednesday going? Feeling good? Happy? At one with your inner soul and outer essence? Good, good. That’s good. Or, you know, maybe you’re not. Maybe you feel your center’s a bit shaky, and wish the ground seemed more stable—or at least more navigable. That’s totally chill too—absolutely no shame in that. They can’t all be good days, right. No matter how you’re feeling or where you are in life, we’re all just flying vessels trying to make it in this vast world of fragmented, drifting objects that are both repelled and attracted to one another. do…


A socialist state emerges in China’s alternate EVE universe

It’s no secret that China has a constrictive grip on what it’s citizens are allowed to access over the internet. Google’s struggles to operate within the nation were prominent, and residents within the country can’t use social networks like Facebook or Twitter, instead relying on state-sponsored variants like Sina Weibo.  This isolationism spreads to online games. While the rest of the world’s EVE players play in one massive universe, players in China use their own server, an alternative universe called Serenity. – – – While reading about EVE’s living, breathing intergalactic ecosystem always prooves fascinating, an account of the evolution…


NASA-hosted game jam opens space of possibility

In three weeks, The Night Rover Challenge will be hosting a game jam. From March 8th to March 10th, developers will gather together at the NASA Ames complex in Mountain View, CA to create games about the science of space. The Night Rover Challenge is a subsidiary of NASA. While their main goal is to encourage folks to develop a better battery for space travel, they’re using this game jam as a way to raise awareness and to educate the public on the “real science and technology advancements made in aerospace exploration.” – – – While it is not entirely…


Space Simulator is the space simulator that will end all space simulators!

Here at Kill Screen, we love a good sim. And not just nominal sims like SimCity and, well, The Sims. We pine for the realistic sim, the kind where you’re placed inside the cockpit of a Boeing 747, or behind the wheel of a tractor trailer crossing eighteen hundred miles of hinterland. Matthew Shaer’s delve into the complexities of Airline Traffic Manager in Issue 0 is classic. Nothing like the real thing, baby. – – – Also, most of us being children of the ‘80s, we’re nuts about space. That’s why we’re in awe and shock and amazement of this…