Let’s all hold hands and play Shu on October 4th

Some may say that the platform genre is oversaturated, but then the hand-drawn art and hand-holding playfulness of Shu comes along to throw that argument into the trash. It’s due out for PlayStation 4 on October 4th with a PlayStation Vita version arriving before the end of the year too. So keep your faith in the platformer until then, yeah? The game follows the story of Shu, who you’ll guide through towns to save villagers, trying your best to outrun the apocalyptic storm trying to consume the whole world around you. As you run across the screen, you grab the hands of…


Fallout 3 is actually for babies

For those who play games at a steady—some would say glacial—pace, achievements become unmoored from the gameworld itself. They become associated with life events—I completed that level on my birthday and that other level the day before I got dumped. You age with a game, if not at its exact pace. Speed running, the practice of playing through a game as quickly as possible, is the exception to this rule. A recent post in Games Done Quick’s “Speed Demos Archive” brags about one minute and twenty-two seconds being shaved off the previous Silent Hill 2 record. The time to beat…


A new Mario 64 glitch has been discovered, and it’s worth $1000

The world of speedrunning is a mad, mad, mad one. It’s playing a videogame obsessively to the point that you know it inside-out. A speedrunner will put hundreds of hours into a videogame, if not thousands, all in order to learn the shortest routes, and also to discover any way of breaking it to their advantage.  This is why a Mario 64 speedrunner going by the handle “Pannenkoek2012” has put a $1000 bounty on a newly discovered glitch. He will give that money to whoever can successfully replicate this glitch. Because that’s the problem with glitches: by their very nature,…


Watch speedrunners obliterate Half-Life in 20 minutes 41 seconds

Okay, so you’ve beaten Half-Life like 15 years ago and felt pretty good about yourself. But these guys just beat it in 20 minutes 41 seconds. Well, the word “just” is a bit of an exaggeration. The speedrun, posted on YouTube recently, was the result of four years of “painstaking theorycrafting, execution,” and that crushing feeling that surely comes with playing the same single-player shooter over and over and over. This is commendable because it’s a world-record, and because a game that normally takes 8 hours was completed in less time than it takes me to take shower. (Hey, I…