One way or another, Tangiers is hoping to release by end of summer

It’s been a while since we last heard from Tangiers, the stealth game from a team lead by Alex Harvey that’s meant to pay homage to 20th century avant-garde artists like William S. Burroughs and David Lynch. In October of 2015, the game’s team updated their Kickstarter with a statement that a planned additional funding source had fallen through, meaning that they would have to delay the game’s beta until they got more resources in place. What followed was a long period of radio silence, but thanks to a new post from May 19th, it seems as if the game’s…


Tangiers turns the police into something straight out of a surrealist’s nightmares

One of the first things I noticed about Tangiers was how quiet it is. In a medium populated by graphically noisy deaths, swelling soundtracks and the constant ding of coin collection, Tangiers‘ use of diegetic and industrial tones stood out. But while Tangiers promises to be a whisper compared to its peers, it certainly won’t be voiceless. Boasting a dynamic ‘words mechanic,’ in which spoken language becomes a physical and interactive tool toward your goals, Tangiers makes literal the idea that the pen is mightier than the sword, as words become your weapons. As the game nears its beta release, creator…


New Tangiers trailer is one part Deus Ex, one hundred parts surreal freakout

In case you need confirmation that Tangiers is still surreal and eerie, the new alpha trailer will remove that doubt. If anything the game has upped the level of horrifying, jet-black bizarreness. But as Kyle our intern justifiably asked as I was writing this, “Do we have any indication Tangiers will actually be anything outside of surrealistic imagery?”  Well, a little bit. In the development blogs, you find enemies who you creep behind and hide from in the shadows. It’s definitely a stealth game in the vein of Thief and Deus Ex, but with less of the feeling like you…


This game looks like a poster from the 90s come to life

You know the ones. No, not those of Cindy Crawford and the cast of Baywatch, but the ones you’d eventually get to if you kept on flipping, which portrayed wilderness scenes with vaguely new age or pagan imagery. That pretty much describes the look of the surreal exploration game Cylne, currently on Steam Greenlight, created by a mysterious individual named Cylne. From the artist’s description, this is one of those games where you walk around and take in the scenery, like Tangiers, or going to the mall without any money, except that wasn’t a game. But this totally makes me…


Tangiers is the game Alejandro Jodorowsky would make

Except it’s not set in Mexico. And there’s not blood splattered over everything. And it seems to lack very many disturbing caricatures of insanity, except for that strange bird-fellow with pencil legs.  OK, that’s a lot of exceptions. But my point is, some new photographs of Tangiers have been released, and they’re reminiscent of the beautiful, dadaist dust bowl that Jodorowsky shot in his acid western El Topo. This is great, because when is the last time you can honestly say you compared a game to El Topo? That’s what I thought. Just goes to show the project is looking…