Mystic Stickup has a plan to solve crime…with hypnotism

You’re walking down an alley alone at night when a hoodlum—a hoodlum with exposed biceps, no less!—demands that you hand over your money. What do you do? The obvious answer is to just hand over the money. It isn’t worth risking your life for a small portion of your net worth. But, as a million Batman origin stories have demonstrated, compliance with thieves’ demands cannot guarantee your survival. There must be a better way. Compliance with thieves’ demands cannot guarantee your survival.  Beardo Games’ Mystic Stickup provides dapper, mustachioed hypnotists with an alternate solution to the mugging problem. The game,…


New Tangiers trailer is one part Deus Ex, one hundred parts surreal freakout

In case you need confirmation that Tangiers is still surreal and eerie, the new alpha trailer will remove that doubt. If anything the game has upped the level of horrifying, jet-black bizarreness. But as Kyle our intern justifiably asked as I was writing this, “Do we have any indication Tangiers will actually be anything outside of surrealistic imagery?”  Well, a little bit. In the development blogs, you find enemies who you creep behind and hide from in the shadows. It’s definitely a stealth game in the vein of Thief and Deus Ex, but with less of the feeling like you…


New Thief trailer features adult situations, thievery

Thieves will do what they do. And that’s getting nude, using strong language, finding themselves in a strong sexual context, using drugs, and committing violence. Wait, that’s just the ESRB disclaimer. In between those things, apparently, it seems the thief in Thief swings back and forth between sneaking through the shadows to snatch valuable knickknacks and going in balls-to-the-wall, which makes sense, considering the game is being brought to us by Eidos Montreal, the group who previously did the totally adequate Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and because, you know, it’s a reboot of Thief. It’s kind of a morality system for…