New Rise of the Tomb Raider footage stars Lara Croft’s daddy issues

Finally, some tomb raiding for the Tomb Raider! The latest footage of Rise of the Tomb Raider direct from its presentation at Gamescom gave fans what they’ve been yearning for since the 2013 reboot: Lara Croft scaling crumbling walls in exotic, undiscovered locales like the good ol’ days when breasts were triangles. The footage reads like a response to the critics of the first reboot who cited a distinct lack of the series’ titular activity. In Crystal Dynamics’ defense, though, they did kinda address that in the game, with Lara’s self-aware declaration that she “hates tombs.” Yet by the end of…


Lara Croft still doesn’t know how to put a damn top on

The new Rise of the Tomb Raider footage from Gamescom has gotten a lot of attention for depicting Lara doing some pretty gruesome stuff. She uses a kitchen knife to tenderize a dude’s neck, bludgeons another bro with a bottle, then somehow accurately fires two arrows at once into as many oblivious heads gathered round a campfire. After the outcry over the E3 trailer, which put the iconic character on a therapist’s couch, no one can declare this version of Lara “sexist” for being “too weak.” The woman seen here is practically ripping out the throats of her male enemies…


An eating disorder support group gives women in games more "realistic" body shapes

It’s no secret that media’s treatment of female bodies is all around terrible. But for videogames and other animated media, the idealizing of women’s bodies presents some uniquely awkward issues (have you seen the breast physics?) For example: according to the 2013 Game Developer Magazine survey, only 16% of gaming’s artists are female. That means 84% of the people creating the female bodies you see in videogames have absolutely no concept of what it means to live inside a female body. It’s no surprise, then, that many of their depictions result in tone deaf designs that not only perpetuate unattainable beauty…