antariksha sanchar

An enormous and beautiful Indian transmedia project comes to videogames

In 2013, the Sri Lankan newspaper The Sunday Times interviewed Avinash Kumar, an experimental VJ (video jockey) from India, about a project he was heading: a short story that became a graphic novel that became an album with his audio-visual collective BLOT!, which then became something else altogether. The story was said to center on a South Indian man with synesthesia who went to Mars. “It’s become so much larger,” Kumar told the newspaper then, as a result of his initial concept of “Future Botanical” running away with itself. Fast-forward to 2016. On June 14, a game called Antariksha Sanchar (Transmissions…


In the sci-fi mystery game Cloud Chamber, your co-op partner is the entire internet

Found footage style storytelling like Blair Witch Project compels horror movie audiences for obvious reasons. Unlike regular film experiences, found footage supposedly has no author. With no one telling the story, the audience almost begins to feel as though they themselves are the ones responsible for authoring and solving the ghoulish mystery. This is part of the reason why most found footage horror films leave lore and details pretty vague, inviting us to think up our own. So we scour the footage like detectives, eyes pealed for any anomalies or missed hints, brains buzzing with potential answers. Cloud Chamber takes…