One game creator’s way to overcome depression? Make an uplifting game

The blinds are drawn. The room is dark and quiet. It’s past noon, and you’re still in bed. Your eyes are fixated on the carpet, bland and beige. The walls are white and bare, the furniture is hard and stiff. What is supposed to be a safe and comfortable space feels more like a prison—you are trapped. You haven’t showered yet, and your stomach reminds you that it needs attention. Your body is screaming at you to get up. Get out of bed. There’s work to be done. But moving is a chore. The signals that travelled to your brain…


Impossible Bottles only needs one beautiful GIF to win you over

Recently, Honig Studios tweeted out some incredible visuals that were part of a collaboration with artist Rafael Varona, the animator and illustrator of upcoming mobile game Impossible Bottles.  Based in Berlin, the production company is made up of designers, developers, and writers whose goal is to create memorable interactive experiences. And judging by the thousands of people awed by the GIFs that were tweeted out, they’re well on the way towards that goal. The premise of Impossible Bottles is that an inventor wants to create the first eternal source of energy by bringing his gigantic mechanic golems to life, generating…