Electric Highways explores the eerie loneliness of virtual worlds

One thing that made cult RPG Maker horror game Yume Nikki really good was its sense of place. Whether defined by its music, color scheme, level design, or its strange lurking occupants, each location in the game world was so distinct in its own way. That’s something that I think Zykov Eddy, creator of the Yume Nikki 3D fangame, really gets, and I’m even more convinced after playing his latest project, Electric Highways. The ten levels of Electric Highways are set in a weird virtual reality world that’s being tested one last time by its creator before being sent out to…


MSHR’s electric glyphs evoke the alienness of our tech futures

LaTurbo Avedon’s Panther Modern opened up its tenth room recently. It’s an online exhibition space that encourages each of its contributing artists—all of who have their own 3D model file known as a “Room”—to experiment with the possibilities of software when creating their installations. The architecture of this exhibition is entirely virtual. It’s altered according to the aesthetic demands of every project. All the rooms together form a honeycomb of net art that wouldn’t be possible in physical space. Over the months, Panther Modern has hosted works as divergent as the frazzling, low-res and color-rich girly aesthetic of Emilie Gervais in…


Mecca 3D allows Muslims to make a pilgrimage using VR

The hajj is one of the Five Pillars of Islam; it demands that all able Muslims make pilgrimage to Mecca at least once before they die. That’s kind of a lot to ask, I imagine, especially if you find yourself without the means. But what other choice does a devotee have? Well, there’s Mecca 3D, an app that aims to deliver “a virtual world of knowledge” about Mecca and Islamic history. You can hang around the Haram—the world’s largest mosque—and interact with other worshippers, or “go back in time” to see how Muhammad and other prophets lived. And, of course, you…