A VR treadmill that (potentially) doesn’t want to kill you

In the increasingly crowded market for home omni-directional treadmills, there is one that doesn’t look like a form of mind-washing reconditioning at a terrorist training camp. Recently on display at the Silicon Valley Virtual Reality Expo, the Infinadeck is a frameless, treaded walking machine that seemingly allows you to move around naturally.  That isn’t always the case, as we’ve seen with the Cyberith Virtualizer and the Virtuix Omni, two similar VR peripherals that turn the natural act of perambulating into a circus performance within hoops and railing. But the Infinadeck is far from perfect in its current prototype state. Currently…


Watch this guy have an out-of-body-experience with three Kinects and an Oculus Rift

Microsoft might be revising their vision for the Kinect by removing it from the Xbox One, but the motion-tracking camera still has a bright future in creating spooky, immaterial OOB experiences, apparently.  As you can see in this reality-splitting YouTube video, a long-time VR developer has concocted a way to put a projection of his real body inside of virtual reality via three first-generation Kinects and an Oculus Rift, naturally. And the results are fascinating, even if his shadow self looks a bit squiggly and low-rent. You can see the incorporeal form of Oliver Kreylos waving its digital hands before…


The Cyberith Virtualizer joins race for most outrageous VR treadmill

Like the Omni before it, the Cyberith Virtualizer is yet another omnidirectional treadmill that lets you run awkwardly in place on a piece of bulky machinery while imagining you’re a badass in virtual reality. However, this one boasts a more ergonomic design that allows you to duck, kneel, and squat. And if you are like me and are too lazy to walk in place for hours on end while never leaving the same spot, there is a convenient seat for you to park your butt on. But if you’re not like me and want more ways to transfer every body…


Shark Tank investor decides to bite on VR treadmill after all (sorry)

Things didn’t go so hot for the creator of Virtuix Omni when he appeared on “Shark Tank,” a reality show on ABC with an ensemble of filthy rich hosts known for chewing up and spitting out young optimistic entrepreneurs like expired caviar. But one of the rich guys, millionaire investor Mark Cuban, who you may recognize as the owner of the Dallas Mavericks, has had a change of heart.  You might recall the omnidirectional VR treadmill was politely laughed off the set when the show aired in December, and CEO Jan Goetgeluk went home with no money. But it’s being…