With the KOR-FX gaming vest, being shot never felt so good

Have you ever thought to yourself that shooters would be so much cooler if it actually felt like you were being shot? No, of course not, because that would involve pain and really hurt. But the KOR-FX (pronounced core-effects) delivers the experience of being sprayed with bullets painlessly, the tactile sensation of haptic vibrations pulsing through your ribcage. It’s basically a rumble-pack for your chest, although the dev makes it clear on the Kickstarter page that technically it’s a different tech.  Of course, the sales pitch for this thing is that it immerses you in the game, a popular aim…


Scary haptic-feedback toy gun vibrates and recoils like the real thing

Because it’s totally lame to fire a dinky little light gun in virtual reality, the Striker VR looks, rattles, and vibrates like a real-deal, deadly assault weapon. “Input” remains one of the great unknowns in our VR-filled future, so you might as well pick one of these up if you’ve already sprung for an omnidirectional treadmill.  What differentiates DEKKA Technologies’s scary haptic feedback gun from its peers is that it uses an “electro-magnetic linear drive system,” which means that it kicks like a bronco when you pull the trigger in your favorite shooter, assuming it’s compatible. It boasts a weighed…


Oculus Rift + Kinect + Wii Balance Board = hoverboard ride of your dreams

Just when you thought your childhood dream of hoverboarding would never materialize … Enter: project Hoverboard VR, a virtual reality setup that simulates those bodacious fictional levitating skateboards of the ’90s. Jiggered together from gaming peripherals that don’t get out much these days, the setup uses a Wii Fit Balance Board and Kinect 1.0 to make you feel like Marty McFly. Well, not quite. The virtual environment is not quite up to snuff, with a rudimentary pre-PS1 poly-count and wireframe, but as a proof of concept this is amazing stuff. And you thought you’d never have reason to pull your…


A VR treadmill that (potentially) doesn’t want to kill you

In the increasingly crowded market for home omni-directional treadmills, there is one that doesn’t look like a form of mind-washing reconditioning at a terrorist training camp. Recently on display at the Silicon Valley Virtual Reality Expo, the Infinadeck is a frameless, treaded walking machine that seemingly allows you to move around naturally.  That isn’t always the case, as we’ve seen with the Cyberith Virtualizer and the Virtuix Omni, two similar VR peripherals that turn the natural act of perambulating into a circus performance within hoops and railing. But the Infinadeck is far from perfect in its current prototype state. Currently…