Total War: Warhammer promo image

Total War: Warhammer, you pronounce it Waaagh

There was never a question of which faction I would be playing for my first run of Total War: Warhammer. The Vampire Counts were fun to dabble with, but their brand of corrupt-and-conquer worked a little too slowly for my tastes. The Dwarves, despite being the only race to master the helicopter while most of their neighbors are still working on crossbow technology, were too homogeneous for my taste. As for the Empire, if I wanted to play a vaguely Germanic and very mustachioed nation, I needn’t play a game about wizards and trolls. The Orcs, with their ultra-aggressive playstyle,…


Runemaster should be even more insane than actual Norse mythology

Understandably, wargame fans among our readership might still be bummed out if they didn’t make it to Paradox Con 2014 in Miami last week. But the trailer for Runemaster—the (likely strategic) RPG with incredible storytelling potentiality that Paradox Interactive announced at the party (and by party, I mean as far as a bunch of PC enthusiasts gathered together to play historical wargames can be considered a party)—will cheer you right up. While the trailer is not very informative, you can gather there will be roleplaying, and Norse mythology, and settlements, and a forester with a wolf in the wilderness. Rock,…