With the KOR-FX gaming vest, being shot never felt so good

Have you ever thought to yourself that shooters would be so much cooler if it actually felt like you were being shot? No, of course not, because that would involve pain and really hurt. But the KOR-FX (pronounced core-effects) delivers the experience of being sprayed with bullets painlessly, the tactile sensation of haptic vibrations pulsing through your ribcage. It’s basically a rumble-pack for your chest, although the dev makes it clear on the Kickstarter page that technically it’s a different tech.  Of course, the sales pitch for this thing is that it immerses you in the game, a popular aim…


These futuristic gloves let you make music by waving your hands

Imogen Heap is a kinda folky, kinda electronic, almost shoegaze-y pop artist who has developed a pair of futuristic musical gloves. Watching her play with her Mi.Mu gloves reminds me of someone playing a theremin, sans the theremin, of course. In a way they remind me of Imitone, Evan Balster’s musical tool that lets you control midi-instruments simply by singing to your computer. Both inventions were created with the intent of freeing musicians from the tyranny of having to hunch over a laptop, because that just doesn’t seem very musical. You can see these e-textiles in the motion at her…


Wearable projector lets you broadcast the awful things you text to people right on your body

It’s hard to imagine that taking your phone out of your pocket would ever be considered “too much effort,” but should that happen, there’s a device disguised as a necklace that can project new messages directly onto your hand, or the ground in front of you. While the prototype is actually the size of a backpack, the team hope to get the technology to a point where it can also be used to give directions, and perform other smartphone-related functions. The system would rely on specific gestures, each of which can be used to perform a different function. Theoretically, anything…