Fallout 4: Return to Junktown

For more in-depth game writing, back our Kickstarter! Here comes the trashman! He’s strutting down the highway in his scrap metal suit, tin cans rattling up and down its legs, soda bottles and glue dispensers falling out the cracks between its plates, cereal boxes bobbling on the tips of his metal fingers. He’s blasting “The Wanderer” with no headphones on and waking the mole rats up. He’s bounding downtown like he owns the world. He intends to put all of it into his pockets. He works fastest indoors: his vision jumps from floor to desk to shelf, hunting for the…


In our favorite Obama story yet, the President shouts out The Witcher

Say what you will about President Obama, he is currently the world’s most prominent ambassador for the cultural legitimacy of videogames. That’s because on his recent visit to Poland, motherland of Witcher dev house CD Projekt RED, he gave a tip of the hat to everyone’s favorite action-heavy, decision-making RPG about a horse-riding warlock with a silver ponytail. “I’ve been told that it is a great example of Poland’s place in the new global economy,” said the President during his address, referring to the copy of The Witcher 2 the Polish Prime Minister Donal Tusk gave him on a previous…


Why open world might not be right for The Witcher 3

The new trailer for The Witcher 3 dropped this weekend, and our first thought was: daaaaamn, a reenactment of a Nordic village being massacred has never looked so pretty. Just gazing at the level of nuance present in the dusky prairie, the gothic city squares, the wan light behind the autumnal trees—it really shows off what the new generation of hardware can do.  The Xbox One and PS4 seem primed to create convincing, beautiful, interconnected landscapes that are bigger than ever, meaning that more games are posed to become, as the trailer touts, “multi-region open worlds.” But is there a…


The Witcher 3 is a perfect case of why we need a replacement for horses.

Wednesday, the Polish developer CD Projekt RED announced The Witcher 3, the latest entry in their fantasy RPG series about a white-locked alchemist in a morally-ambivalent middle earth. But we’ve known it was coming since a week ago when some people on the internet found a secret message in the trailer for Cyberpunk 2077. In all the news that’s surfaced, the most vital is that it will take thirty to forty minutes to cross the world on horseback.  This is great, but not so great. – – – Don’t take this the wrong way. We have a large degree of…