Watch this new MOCA documentary on how the FPS has evolved beyond shooting Nazis

We’ve written before about how the shooter genre is expanding into a wider variety of games that can do nicer things than shooting dudes in the head. We did a PBS Game/Show episode about that. Also, I collected interviews with the creators of games that use shooter mechanics in surprising ways, like Proteus, and MirrorMoon EP, among others.  Now Giant Sparrow’s The Unfinished Swan, a whimsical game about discovering a forgotten kingdom by splattering it with paint, is the subject of a new mini-documentary from Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles. They beat a familiar drum: we need games that do…


Here’s why you loved killing Nazis in the new Wolfenstein

The short answer is: historical accuracy. Wait, what? OK, so granted Wolfenstein: The New Order features some pretty outrageous stuff, like cyborg guard dogs and a mad scientist that has engineered human mechas. But as Wolfenstein’s creative director Jens Matthies tells Giant Bomb, a lot of research on proper historical representation went into that 80s’ action-hero, alternate-history framework: It’s far too convenient to put a swastika on somebody and say “shoot them!” For us, it was incredibly important to show what Nazi ideology was about. He elaborates that though the Nazis in Wolfenstein are sort of ridiculous, as villains in…