ReCore downplays its robot dog, which is all we care about

When ReCore’s first trailer premiered at E3 2015, the protagonist Joule and her scrappy robot dog charmed everyone with their expeditious tag-team adventure. Evoking Rey’s lone scavenger vibe from Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015), the brief blast of combat at the trailer’s end promised creative, cooperative action—and a canine companion with the trick of interchangeable bodies, so you never need worry about the dog dying. Joule and co. seemed sweet, despite their attacking prowess, and the idea of an open desert to romp through and explore was tantalizing. weird, hidden garages full of violence Pre-release material has since hinted…


Xbox Avatars acknowledge wheelchair users at long last

Creating digital avatars to represent your identity was a big part of the Xbox 360 consoles, allowing users to customize their online appearance through a stylized caricature of themselves. With the introduction of the Xbox One, this feature was taken away briefly before being brought back with an updated design. And now, Microsoft has revealed that it will be adding wheelchairs as an option for the reintroduced avatars. Inclusion in our media is important, but society (and games in particular) seems to always favor those who are able-bodied. This is why people with disabilities (and their allies) pointed the oversight…


Learn to love again with the Alienware Steam Machine controller

This article was written using products provided by Alienware and the The Alienware Steam Machine First Look program. It’s been over a month since Kill Screen’s first piece introducing the Alienware Steam Machine and our blossoming relationship, and you’re probably wondering how we’ve been getting along in our new life together. The answer is, “Very well, thank you.” We’re out of the honeymoon phase, and no longer marveling at how the Steam Machine packs a surprising amount of power into such a tiny and delicate frame. It’s no desktop gaming tower, but it does the things it was designed to…


New SUPERHOT trailer is quite literally off the chain

Artistic violence is so in right now. Particularly for those who gazed upon the dirtied, bloodied face of Mad Max and found themselves thinking “Ooooo preeeetty!” instead of “Yuck! Death and destruction!” you can practically hear the sharp edge dividing the air.  The latest SUPERHOT trailer comes at an opportune moment, then, while people are still happily riding this beautiful wave of bloodshed. SUPERHOT is—and always has been—the little first-person shooter jam game that could. After the free jam build went viral two years ago, the team behind this The Matrix-esque simulator took to Kickstarter and raised a whopping $250,000…


The astonishing riddle that started inside Trials Evolution ended up spanning the globe

The racing game Trials Evolution was released for Xbox 360 in the spring of 2012. It was well reviewed. It sold reasonably well. It was notable in the sense that all games are notable to someone. Then something strange happened. Actually, a lot of strange things happened. Wooden planks inscribed with letters could be found within the game world. Combined, those planks contained an encrypted code. Once deciphered, that code revealed a secret move, which revealed a song, which…you can see where this is going. Trials Evolution is the Matryoshka doll of riddles. the Matryoshka doll of riddles.  A group…


The Chaos Theory of adolescence

Sign up to receive each week’s Playlist e-mail here! Also check out our full, interactive Playlist section. LIFE IS STRANGE (PC, PlayStation, Xbox)  BY DONTNOD Entertainment Life is Strange has wavered throughout its past three episodes, the boldness of its rewind mechanic not always enough to outweigh the cringe-worthiness of its dialogue. Until now, this episodic narrative game seemed only to shine in spite of itself—though when it did, it was like a beam of light showing a new path for choice-based gaming. With the third episode, “Chaos Theory,” Life is Strange secures its place as an important (if imperfect) entry into the conversation between…