Xenoblade Chronicles X will be five times bigger than its already-huge predecessor

To a small but very vocal group of people, 2012’s Xenoblade Chronicles was like an all-you-can-eat buffet in the middle of a desert. After the JRPG’s much-ululated decline in popularity and relevance, it was a sprawling, goofy, giving game, with vistas that just continued opening up, revealing new pockets and caves and skylines to take in. It was a game largely based on wandering, which rewarded you with hard-earned heart-to-hearts between characters and kept rigorous track of every tiny slime or towering woolly mammoth you felled. You jogged up mountains, into volcanoes, through the stars, each footstep felt. You grew…


Hold on to your hat, sonny. Here’s footage of Monolith Soft’s X

There are many reasons Monolith’s X looks great, epic dinosaur battles against majestic backdrops being the least of them. One, it borrows and expands on the battle system of its predecessor Xenoblade, and anyone who has wielded that beast knows it’s like trying to walk a large and excitable dog on a leash. Two, numbers. Beautiful numbers bleeding out of everything. And three: yes, they do hop into mechas mid-battle and blast off to deliver the assault Robotech-style, which means no “rodeoing.”  As you recall, Xenoblade was only brought to America after fan backlash on IGN message boards, two things we’re…