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Elon Musk, king of space, is into Overwatch

Elon Musk, king of space, is into Overwatch

Image via Youtube

In an interview with Y Combinator about the future of technology, Elon Musk was asked at one point whether he had any game recommendations. You wouldn’t think Musk, the engineer, inventor and businessman responsible for both the Tesla automobile and SpaceX, has time to spare for videogames, but in that assumption you would be wrong.

Musk’s game of choice, he replied right away, was Overwatch. It’s actually not the first time Musk has mentioned the game in public; in early June, shortly after the game’s release, he recommended Overwatch to his followers on Twitter, along with the “Honest Trailers” parody video:

While he didn’t elaborate much on his fondness for the game, it makes sense that the positive future depicted in Overwatch (not to mention the abundance of cyborgs and sentient robots) would appeal to the transhumanistic futurist, who recently started OpenAI, a non-profit research company dedicated to the study of artificial intelligence.

Musk recommended another Blizzard offering as well: Hearthstone. “That’s what my kids play most,” he said, though whether or not he partakes is unclear. Outside of competitive games, Musk named the new Deus Ex series as an area of interest, surprising absolutely no one.

You can watch the interview excerpt below:

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