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Meteos gets drunk, plays ranked, dies 27 times

Meteos gets drunk, plays ranked, dies 27 times

When Cloud9 first clawed their way into the LCS in 2013, William “Meteos” Hartman made his name by having the highest kill to death ratio in the entire Summer Split, a staggering 12.7. This was thanks to a head for smart engages and an almost supernatural aptitude for escaping fights with a sliver of health.

It turns out, that ability of his to dodge death doesn’t hold up very well after a couple of drinks. After celebrating the new year a little too hard, Meteos played a series of ranked games on stream that can only be described as disastrous. In one, he died a remarkable 24 times, once for every minute of the game. You can see a brief excerpt from the carnage below.

Highlights of the performance also include the famous jungler knocking an entire Solo Cup of grapefruit juice and vodka onto his lap during a team fight. At one point in the game, Meteos was worth such a pitiful amount that the enemy team only got 50 gold for killing him, almost as much as they would receive for a siege minion.

While some have accused him of intentionally throwing kills to the enemy, Meteos seems just as flustered by his poor play as everybody else, saying that he was “going to have nightmares” about it. At one point, he gave his condolences to the audience: “I apologize to everyone watching this stream. I kind of fed this game. I don’t think this is how you’re supposed to play League of Legends. I drank too much, don’t do what I did.”

On Twitter, Meteos commented on the incident sheepishly:

It remains to be seen whether Meteos has learned to stop indulging in this particular cocktail, but we at The Meta hope not. Quality entertainment like that doesn’t come around every day!

Correction: This article originally claimed that Meteos died 24 times in a particular ranked match. The final number was, in fact, 27.

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