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TSM seeks body double for Doublelift

TSM seeks body double for Doublelift

Image via Youtube

Earlier today, we reported that TSM’s star ADC, Doublelift, would be taking the Spring season off to stream, play solo-queue and maybe have a real relationship. In the meantime, he’s left some pretty big shoes to fill. What’s your shoe size, reader?

Earlier today, TSM’s official Twitter put out a call for all Challenger-level ADC players interested in a position on Team Solomid. Tryouts are open to players from all regions, so they’re casting as wide a net as possible. It’s not uncommon for major teams to host open auditions, hoping to discover diamonds in the rough from the highest levels of solo queue. So how about it? Any readers in Challenger want be the next Doublelift?

Of course, you’ll have to deal with the first Doublelift come Summer. That’s when he claimed to be returning, and he’ll probably want his spot back. In his announcement video, Doublelift called switching to TSM “the best experience of my life, so far.” It’d be pretty awkward if he came back to someone else in his chair, palin’ it up with Biofrost, calling other teams trash.

“Wait,” he’d maybe say. “That’s not Doublelift. I’m the real Doublelift. Ask me anything!”

Bjergsen obviously has the gun in this situation, and he just can’t decide which one to shoot.

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