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Voyboy streams for 24 hours to help fund suicide prevention

Voyboy streams for 24 hours to help fund suicide prevention

Image via Youtube

Joedat “Voyboy” Esfahani, former top laner for Dignitas’ League of Legends team, has probably earned more money as a streamer than he ever did playing in the LCS. Voyboy managed to transform his following as popular North American League of Legends player into a steady career, and almost 850k followers, as a streamer on Twitch. As of yesterday, though, he’s taking steps to share the wealth with those in need—specifically, with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

About 19 hours ago at the time of writing, Voyboy began a 24 hour streaming session with the goal of raising money for the AFSP. During this time, he instructed viewers that “If you are considering donating or subbing, I would rather you just donate to the campaign during this time instead.” As of the time of writing, Voyboy has raised 26k, and if he doesn’t pass out by the time he’s done, he expects to cross over the 30k mark.

While Voyboy is the latest high-profile League of Legends streamer to host a charity marathon on his stream, it’s common enough in the Twitch ecosystem. Annual events like Extra Life or Gaming for Good unite streamers across the website in raising money for worthy causes, with some even engaging in some friendly competition over whose community can raise more money.

You can find Voyboy’s stream here.

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