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Augmented makeup has never looked so real

Augmented makeup has never looked so real

Makeup is an underrated skill. Never being around people that were keen to teach me the ways of it, I eventually found myself diving into Youtube videos to help me guide liquid eyeliner like a paintbrush, and know which lipsticks complimented my skin tone. Luckily, nowadays there’s apps to help with that, and make all that second-guessing in the makeup aisle easier. Or at least, makes the act of seeing what actually looks good on your face a much more fruitful task.

turning your head won’t shift makeup to your cheekbone

Makeup Plus is a beauty try-on app from the China-based company Meitu, the largest beauty app developer in the world. The app allows users to try on makeup on themselves (ranging from concealer, lip color, to even hair dye), and utilizes over 200 facial points to effectively map out styles to their face. Think of it as an extremely precise version of Snapchat filters, where turning your head won’t make your makeshift virtual eye makeup gravitate to your cheekbone. Instead, Makeup Plus’ looks stay on (virtually, at least), and look natural.

The UI for Makeup Plus has changed in the year since it’s released, and grown more accurate.

Famous makeup artists like the South Korean-based PONY (known for outfitting K-Pop queen CL with looks) and England-based Lisa Eldridge have contributed their own signature looks for users to try on, in addition to the app’s own pre-rendered variety. Eldridge is the latest to represent the app, contributing a look that she designed for model Gigi Hadid. Of course, users don’t have to necessarily flip through the app’s predetermined looks—they can always opt for a more customized option, like trying on different styled eyelashes or lip color on its own.

For myself, I’ve always curious about darker lip colors since I typically opt for a bright pink or red. With Makeup Plus, I found that dark-hued purples don’t really suit me, but a more muted nude does. Makeup Plus can help people avoid mistakes—like buying unflattering makeup—but can also encourage experimentation outside of your typical go-to makeup style. So go ahead, try on that dark purple lipstick. It’s only augmented, after all.

You can download Makeup Plus on the App Store and Google Play for free, and you can watch Eldridge’s tutorial for the look she made for Makeup Plus here.

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