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Become one with nature with the complete Planet Earth II webseries

Become one with nature with the complete Planet Earth II webseries

Once Planet Earth II began airing in the U.K. six weeks ago, as did a surprise 360-degree webseries. And now, as Planet Earth II’s six-episode run slows to a stop, its finale airing on Sunday, December 11, as does its visually enriching complement series.

Over the past few weeks, the BBC has uploaded side stories and behind-the-scenes looks for each episode. In the webshow, we’ve a caught glimpse at the life of a fox prowling through an urban cityscape in the dead of night (for Sunday’s finale “Cities”). We heard the disturbing crunching of bones, after a pack of lions successfully hunted their prey (for “Grasslands”). To our very first 360-degree encounter, as we saw the technology behind capturing the wildlife in Galapagos (for “Islands;” yes, the one with the chase).

like a fox prowling through an urban cityscape

The ongoing Planet Earth series is arguably the greatest, or at the very least: most visually stunning, nature documentary series ever made. And its 360-degree webisodes are no exception. Now that the series’ long-awaited sequel is nearly finite, we can sit back and hope that Planet Earth III isn’t announced another ten years from now, like II was.

You can watch all of the episodes below for Planet Earth II’s 360-degree webisodes below. And don’t worry, Sir David Attenborough’s silky voice still narrates.

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