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Crisp as a spring morning, Deadly Premonition creator Swery is back

Crisp as a spring morning, Deadly Premonition creator Swery is back

Remember when Jay-Z retired, then returned? That’s essentially happening again, because Swery’s back, baby. Hidetaka “Swery65” Suehiro, the developer behind the videogame equivalent to Twin Peaks (Deadly Premonition), has returned to game development after a long absence—his break due to health-related issues. But now he’s returned from the dark abyss of not making games to unleash his latest visions upon us all. Across games, virtual reality, books (yes, actual print media), and whatever else drifts into his mind.

Swery and the "PR rep."
Swery and the “PR rep.”

White Owls Inc., the new Swery-headed company, boasts a simple question: “Do you need more weird content?” (Which, to answer simply, yes. Yes we do.) The name White Owls Inc. stems from Ancient Greece, specifically of the goddess of wisdom Athena, and the owls that were the sages of the forest for her. Swery views owls as mystical beings with abilities beyond human understanding—they hear sounds in 3D, they silently hunt prey efficiently, Albino owls look especially “mystical” due to their shimmering feathers. Owls, the ones Swery admires, are what he aspires White Owls to become one day: “We at White Owls hope to keep growing until we can someday evolve into a similar type of mystical entity,” he writes.

across games, virtual reality, books (yes, actual print media)

And White Owls is already shaping up to be an odd venture. With mp3 snippets of greetings from their “PR rep” (a stuffed monkey) consisting of gibberish (or more accurately, chimp screeches) and video clips of the development company’s VR-bound experiments, Swery’s signature vision is bigger than ever before. And hell, they’re actually publishing printed books. Who even does that anymore?

You can read more about White Owls Inc., and stay tuned to Swery’s Twitter for updates.

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