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The eerie, mic-enabled horror game Stifled now has a release date

The eerie, mic-enabled horror game Stifled now has a release date

When we last wrote about Stifled, the mic-enabled audio horror game, we said it was something of an anti-streaming game. Or at least, anti-Let’s Plays in the annoying players sense, where even smallest peep is discouraged because it might ruin your chances of survival. So, no more screaming around every corner, because in Stifled, that might just be your death sentence.

The world in Stifled is ominous and barren. Looking like something out of the equally monochromatic, vector-esque Vib-Ribbon, sounds heard through your computer’s microphone reveal the pathways in your environment. Except, sounds are also what attract enemies to your location, so being careful and primarily quiet is key to survival.


But hush now. After all that quiet, patient waiting, Stifled is now nearing its release. On December 13th, Stifled will be available on Steam with support for Oculus Rift’s DK2 and CV1 headsets. HTC Vive and OSVR support will be available in the future at a later time. With this release date news, developers Gattai Games have also released a short demo, available now on Steam for free.

You can check out Stifled’s website here. The full game will be available on December 13th.

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