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Finally, the hotdog-crossbow skeleton shooter of our dreams

Finally, the hotdog-crossbow skeleton shooter of our dreams

Ever since last weekend, I’ve been haunted by a hotdog toaster. My roommate recently moved out, and he took his toaster with him. That leaves me and my fellow roommates without a toaster. It sucks. I frantically searched for a replacement online, and came across something a little bit godly, but also a little bit devilish: a hotdog toaster. Lingering on the Amazon page was a mistake, because now every website I visit baits me with an ad for the unsavory (and probably difficult to clean) device. When I stumbled upon Skreleton’s Hotdog Kitchen, a goofy virtual reality game for the HTC Vive and Oculus Touch by programmer M Scott McBee, I felt haunted again.

Goodbye hotdog.

Despite suffering from this hotdog toaster curse, Skreleton’s Hotdog Kitchen manages to provide a respite. As Skreleton, you’re tasked with blending together hotdogs with any ol’ thing, loading a condiment-soaked dog into a crossbow, and launching it into ominous white faces (or, “your friends”) in the distance. “Gimme those good good hotdogs,” the text above your pals reads, and a hotdog to the jugular they receive. Skreleton makes cooking hotdogs fun. I’m sure that hotdog toaster will do the same. Ugh, I guess I should get that thing after all. Maybe finding Skreleton’s Hotdog Kitchen was fate.

You can download Skreleton’s Hotdog Kitchen on itch.io for any ol’ price, and enjoy those delectable gifs that are far too big too upload on the 1mb maximum for this article.

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