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Forget Disneyland, VIVELAND is here

Forget Disneyland, VIVELAND is here

Move over Disneyland. There’s a new Happiest Place on Earth in town. And it’s called VIVELAND.

Okay, maybe not. Unless you live in Taiwan and don’t have a HTC Vive at home. But if that criteria fits you, then you’re in luck. Located in the city of Taipei, Taiwanese company HTC have launched their first virtual reality theme park, VIVELAND. This isn’t the first public virtual reality exhibition from HTC, as they recently launched a VR cafe last month in Shenzhen, China. VIVELAND is host to over 20 virtual reality experiences, including familiar ones like Project CARS and Fruit Ninja VR. But to try these out, it’s gonna cost you.

As seen on HTC's website, VIVELAND will help ascend players to heaven. Or something.
As seen on HTC’s website, VIVELAND will help players ascend to heaven. Or something.

The theme park itself is about 3,500 square feet, and charges fees for the different sessions for its games and experiences. The place is separated by themed zones and stations for particular titles. In one of the zones is a mixed reality area, where players can capture footage of themselves against a green screen and share the footage online. Because, why not? This first location is the test pilot for future theme parks, where after six months HTC has plans to expand globally. And thank god, because who has space for room scale in their homes nowadays.

VIVELAND is open now in Taiwan.

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