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Happy Manager lets you chat up your attractive tenants … in VR

Happy Manager lets you chat up your attractive tenants … in VR

What is VR, if not an entrance into the skeeviest of desires? Like, for instance, hitting on your tenants. That seems to be the case in D3 Publisher’s upcoming Playstation VR title Happy Manager, in which the player is the landlord of an apartment building housing three attractive young ladies. Details for the PSVR-exclusive project were initially scarce, with news of a formal introduction coming ahead of Tokyo Game Show 2016 next week. But with the big annual trade show quickly approaching, D3 Publisher has let a few more details about the love simulator slip, alongside its first screenshots.

Happy manager
Introducing Tachibana, one of the three lovable cute girls.

Known perhaps primarily for publishing the sometimes-risque OneeChanbara series in Japan, as well as games within the female-targeted otome genre (story-based visual novels with romance simulator aspects), D3’s steps into the VR field are fresh. In the upcoming Happy Manager, the player forms bonds with the three girls through conversation (with allegedly 28,000 lines in the game overall) and activities. Be successful, and fall in love. Don’t get too handsy though, then the girl just might slap you.

Be successful, and fall in love

The girls of Happy Manager are as adorable as can be, as expected for a love simulator. There’s the odd but polite Sakurai Shizuka, who has a tendency to drink a bit too much. Then there’s the outcast Tachibana Barbara Christine, who has unfortunately experienced prejudice due to her mixed ethnicity, and has a shyer personality because of it. And finally the most cheerful of the trio: the energetically hued Takeyama Himari. All girls will probably make fine gal pals. (Takeyama though. She’s the prize. For me, at least.)

I love her.
I love her.

Let’s hope the closeness the player instigates doesn’t border on assault, like that other upcoming VR objectifying simHappy Manager’s goals seem to be in a warmer place. Women aren’t objects merely for poking and prodding, but for talking to and enjoying their company. If I’m ever to get my hands on the love simulator, maybe I’ll fall in love with the oddball Sakurai, the gym-hobbyist Tachibana, or even the goofy, pink-haired Takeyama. Though any at all are doubtful, given that this game is likely never leaving Japan. But a girl can dream, I guess. And while I’m at it, dream of a love simulator where I can actually be a girl, thanks.

Check out the teaser site for Happy Manager here, and catch more details when it shows at Tokyo Game Show next week. Happy Manager has a release window of this Winter in Japan.

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