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Here’s some cute 360-degree animal videos for your weekend

Here’s some cute 360-degree animal videos for your weekend

We’ve had a rough week. But if you have a soul, then you probably enjoy watching videos of cute animals. Whether your preference is cats, dogs, snakes, or whatever else, videos of adorable critters make us feel good. Plain and simple. And in these trying times, we need to feel good between all the anxiety inducing bad. Luckily throughout 2016, the daily Japanese newspaper The Asahi Shimbun was (likely) aware of the world’s dire need for sweet animal sustenance. So they embarked on a journey, and filmed a variety of 360-degree critter videos regularly throughout the year.

Look at these precious capybaras, living their lives.
Look at these precious capybaras, living their lives.

In the 360° Lives project, The Asahi Shimbun have posted recurring 360-degree videos focusing on the animals residing within Japan, its most recent clip uploaded on December 16th, 2016. The videos travel to zoos and beyond from within country, exploring the pet-worthy felines that dwell popular cat cafes to the feeding frenzy of newly born baby capybaras—the first capybara babies born in years at the Fukuyama City Zoo. And 360° Lives was there to capture everything: the cats, the capybaras, the penguins, the sea turtles. All filmed in a roundabout view thanks to an omnipresent, itty-bitty 360-degree camera.

You can get your 360-degree cute animal video fix on The Asahi Shimbun’s official page for 360° Lives. All photos are screenshots from the 360° Lives series.

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