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Here’s everything you can play on Playstation VR on day one

Here’s everything you can play on Playstation VR on day one

Playstation VR is out now. Sorta. For some people. Whether you have your coveted pre-order in place, or were able to snag one off of an actual shelf at midnight, it may already be in your grasp. But if you missed out on this launch run, you’re out of luck for awhile until Sony decides to restock, due to the hardware’s inevitably limited supply.

Tracking problems have persisted through pre-release press coverage

Regardless of stocking issues—not an anomaly for VR by any means—out of all of this year’s lackluster VR line-ups, PSVR’s shows the most promise. From mecha-piloting football to a reimagined cult classic, PSVR has something for everyone. With a lower price point than its PC-bound competitors, PSVR seems poised for success. That is, if the tracking problems persisting through pre-release impressions don’t make everyone vomit themselves to death first.

I’ll be getting my PSVR tomorrow today with the rest of the world, being the plebeian reporter I am. (Don’t worry, I have a lot of cup noodles in my pantry to feed me this month.) Starting the moment I have the headset in my sweaty palms, I’ll be writing game and “experience” impressions for you, dear readers. Maybe I’ll make a Japanese PSN account to give tutoring a cute girl in Summer Lesson a try, and even break out the glowsticks—I mean, Move controllers for the wotagei simulator, Idolm@ster: Viewing Revolution. So join me, as I cozy up in this cyber hell, not knowing when I’ll next see sunlight.

Gear up, and welcome to my Very Chill Reality.

100ft Robot Golf is one of many PSVR games that is playable outside of the immersive virtual hell.
100ft Robot Golf is one of many PSVR games that is playable outside of the immersive virtual womb.

A list of everything allegedly playable on Playstation VR starting today:

100ft Robot Golf$19.99

Ace Banana – $14.99

The Assembly $29.99

Batman Arkham VR$19.99



Catlateral Damage$9.99

Driveclub VR$39.99

EVE: Gunjack – $9.99

EVE: Valkyrie$59.99

Harmonix Music VR$14.99

Hatsune Miku VR Future Live (additionally, Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA X will have a free VR update for viewing concerts in VR) – $14.99 per stage, or $49.99 for a Season Pass

She's here!!!!!!!
She’s here!!!!!!! I love her.


Here They Lie$19.99

Hustle Kings VR$19.99

Job Simulator$29.99

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes$14.99

KISMET – $6.99

Loading Human: Chapter 1$39.99

Super Stardust Ultra VR$19.99

Playstation VR Worlds$39.99

Rez Infinite$29.99

Rez Infinite's new Area X looks like a holy experience.
Rez Infinite’s new Area X looks like a religious experience.

RIGS Mechanized Combat League$49.99

Rise of the Tomb Raider: Blood Ties (bundled with Rise of the Tomb Raider) – $59.99


The Assembly$29.99

The Playroom VRFREE


Tumble VR$9.99

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood (is actually nothing like Until Dawn) – $19.99

VEV: Viva Ex Vivo VR Edition$4.99

Volume: Coda (a free expansion to Volume) – $19.99

Waddle Home$9.99

Wayward Sky$19.99

World War Toonsfree 2 play


Playstation VR is “available” now for $399. Just remember that you’ll need a camera and Move controllers too. And a PS4, if you don’t have one of those already. ???

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