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Introducing Versions’ new (part-Vocaloid) Web Editor

Introducing Versions’ new (part-Vocaloid) Web Editor

Hello all!

I’m Caty McCarthy. That’s my friend Miku up there. I’m actually not a Vocaloid, but if my name looks familiar, then you’ve probably seen me around before. Whether on Kill Screen, or any of the other sites I’ve freelanced for in the past. And hey, you’ve probably mostly seen me right here on Versions, where I’ve been holding down the site for months with daily news alongside the illustrious David “Rude Boy” Rudin.

But Versions has been kind of a mess since its launch. The site’s had no concrete focus because it hasn’t really had a dedicated editorial hand to guide it. Over the months, it’s slowly devolved into a jumble of regurgitated news with a light dose of commentary, with only the occasional gem of news or enriching feature to delight readers. To fix that conundrum, we’re kinda-sorta relaunching. Or maybe “reassessing our editorial focus” is a better way to explain it.

Here to guide you through the dark, it’s time to introduce me, Versions’ shiny new Web Editor.

At Versions, I’m going to be helping to realign our editorial focus. No more jargon-centric, yawn-worthy science or sports pieces about how virtual reality is “changing the world,” or integrating itself into the basic fabric of our lives. (Because, in reality, it’s not. Not yet, at least.) There won’t be any ravenously enthusiastic pieces about the future of the virtual realm (unless I’m talking about Rez), nor will there be any intensely cynical words thrown down (arguably anything I’ve written that was not about Rez). Instead, we’re going to narrow our focus on the creative side of virtual reality—both the people behind various works and all the delightfully diverse creations themselves.

And if these changes worry you, fear not. I’ll still meditate on virtual donuts and even-handedly praise the best wotagei simulators to come out of Japan (even if I’m the only gal westward who will play them). I’ll still complain about bad monkey archery games (also being the only gal who will play them, so you don’t have to). And now I’ll even write about everything that falls in between games and the surface of creativity—the art, the films, the music, the design, and the creators that make it all possible. I hope to bring you all the best and brightest of news in the creative space that’s home to virtual, augmented, mixed reality. Plus, I’ll also investigate if mixed reality is even a thing, or really is just a fancy way of not saying augmented.

So stay tuned! I hope you’re able to join me and Miku in the world’s post-election day dystopia. And hopefully beyond, if we survive.

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