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This music video is a psychedelic trip through eating a good burger

This music video is a psychedelic trip through eating a good burger

Playthings: Music VR Vacation isn’t the only musical venture that knows how to play with food. Now WATTS, director of Athens-based band New Madrid’s music video for the track “Not Up to Me,” has served up their rendition of a lackadaisical drive-thru trip. Instead, it transports viewers to psychedelic, 360-degree inhibited heights. A video where one bite into a pink, oozing burger is enough to transport us immediately into a kaleidoscopic world of eggs on toast, donuts, and other disorienting but familiar sights. No Guy Fieri here.

a colorful, food-ruled wonderland of sights and sounds

“Not Up to Me” features a girl chomping down on a burger of myth, one called the “Cuddle Burger.” The burger becomes such a delight that it literally enwraps her (and you, the viewer) into the colorful, food-ruled wonderland of sights and sounds. By the video’s end, she finds herself cloaked in a more literal bubblegum-like goo, unlike us viewers. 

From my outsider perspective, the Cuddle Burger seems just like enjoying any other juicy burger, like the one I had from In N Out recently. Where the spread (a.k.a. thousand island) perfectly paired with grilled onions, and my tastebuds went wild as they only can for something labeled “animal style.” But “Not Up to Me” is wild in its own right. Beyond capturing one’s mindset when consuming truly great food (or doing psychedelic drugs, I guess). Or in this case, one good-ass burger.

Now I’m hungry, but you can watch the video for yourself below.

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