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Your new favorite stress-reducer Smash Party VR is available now, for free

Your new favorite stress-reducer Smash Party VR is available now, for free

Sometimes when you’re stressed out or angry or sad, you just need to break shit. Now there’s a virtual reality game to help with that, without the tedious clean-up of actually breaking shit.

Smash Party VR, a collaboration between Viacom NEXT and animation studio Titmouse, is a game where you break things. You strap on a HTC Vive headset, arm yourself with controllers, and then you’re ready to go. To smash things. The concept for the cartoonish game is devilishly simple, and almost too good to be true. But it’s real. Smash Party VR is a game about smashing things, and that’s it.

Not quite the moon from Majora’s Mask.

Smash Party VR spawned from an actual place: a real Smash Party thrown by Titmouse themselves. Locked in a wire cage, participants destroyed household electronics and items in front of an always cheering, enthusiastic crowd. Old CRT televisions and miscellaneous glassware became victim to incessant destruction. For the smasher, it’s cathartic. For the audience, it’s a delight to watch (if you’re not steeped in great envy, that is).

Smash Party VR—though far more colorful than its IRL counterpart—is a natural progression of the real life event. Because it’s in VR, now everyone can join in on the fun; mess free. Plus, the weapons themselves are a tad more inventive and easier to realize in a digital world. So smash on, make a mess, destroy some shit, embrace the chaos. Just be careful not to break your expensive Vive in the process.

Destroy toilets to your hearts extent with Smash Party VR, available now for free on Steam for the HTC Vive.

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