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Roll a ball through a pastel maze using only your gaze

Roll a ball through a pastel maze using only your gaze

A pastel maze, navigated only by your gaze. In short, aside from rhyming, that’s essentially the pitch by the developers Three Angle Pie for their upcoming virtual reality game. The project will be released for Android and its compatible mobile VR headsets. The aptly named Awesome Maze: Round World VR shows a topsy turvy world for a rose-colored orb to toss and turn through. You don’t use a controller or other means to direct it: only where you look.

In a way, Round World VR‘s lackadaisical approach to interaction is similar to other gaze-oriented VR titles, like Ustwo’s simple yet captivating Land’s End. The primary difference between the two being how a player’s view is utilized. In Land’s End, your sight takes you on a journey; in Round World VR, it’s so that you escape imminent destruction, and discover freedom by the end of your twisty journey. Round World VR hopes your sight can aid the ball finding freedom from the maze, no matter what blocks your path or what cubes try to interfere.

Don’t get hit by the cubes, or it’s game over.

Round World VR is still in active development. The game’s pastel color scheme exists for the most simple of reasons: because it does not “tire the eyes,” according to the trailer’s Youtube description. The completed game, due for release later this month (pastel hues and all), will feature 15 playable levels and a time challenge game mode.

You can follow development on Awesome Maze: Round World VR on Twitter. The game will be released sometime in January 2017 and you can watch a teaser trailer below.

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