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Storyboard VR wants to streamline and visualize prototyping

Storyboard VR wants to streamline and visualize prototyping

Imagine you’re developing something for virtual reality. But with every iteration, it requires you to take a step back, reconfigure your work, and then go back to square one again. The process is always time consuming, and in the end, costly as well. There’s not really any templates to ease up this process, like there is for web design, or even game design. Because of VR’s complexity, designing for it can take an arduously long time without the tools to streamline the process. But Storyboard VR, a new prototyping tool from Artefact, is trying to fix that.

“bridges the gap between designing and developing a VR experience”

“VR is exploding, but there are very few tools that let designers and content creators experiment, visualize, and prototype experiences in VR,” writes Artefact in a blog post announcing the new project. “Storyboard VR was created to bridge the gap between designing and developing a VR experience, saving time and resources early in the creation process.”

The idea for amending the design process for VR was dreamed up by UX director Paul Hoover and prototyping developer Sam Baker at Artefact. With Storyboard VR, in lieu of a roundabout process of developing, creators merely have to upload their Adobe Illustrator assets to Storyboard VR, then they can enter the space and drop them in seamlessly. There, they can reorchestrate them, resize them, duplicate them, and basically construct a space however they wish, all from within the VR space itself. In doing this, developers can see how their project actually looks within VR before finalizing a prototype, thus quickening the overall process—and saving precious spare time and resources in the long-run.

You can read more about Storyboard VR here, and watch a video of it in action below.

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