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Superhot VR’s new update challenges you to beat the game in 10 minutes

Superhot VR’s new update challenges you to beat the game in 10 minutes

In our end of the year wrap-up of our favorite virtual reality interactions of 2016, Superhot VR stood out. Superhot VR takes after the bullet-time videogame it spawned from, except with one clear difference—as your actual head and body moved, as did time. This lends itself to a variety of great VR-bound interactions: punching people in the head and watching them shatter ever-slowly, catching a gun in mid-air. Yet one stood out above the rest for our list: ricocheting a minuscule bullet off a pistol. In an update to the Oculus Touch-exclusive game, Superhot VR is going to have even more weird interactions in store.


In the soon-to-be-released update, Superhot VR is adding “Forever,” an update for the core game, adding alleged “hours of gameplay.” That additional gameplay comes in the form of additional play modes and challenges, from a headshot-only mode, completing the game without firing a bullet, to faster enemies with less reaction time. In a feverish addition, the Superhot Team has also implemented a 10-minute challenge, which bids the player to complete the entirety of Superhot VR within 10 minutes. On average, the game will take a player about two hours to finish, making a condensed speed run all the more challenging. But if anything, players have shown that they’re up for the challenge.

Superhot VR’s “Forever” update will arrive sometime next month. In the meantime, you can read more about Superhot VR on Oculus’ blog.

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