Versions is the essential guide to virtual reality and beyond. It investigates the rapidly deteriorating boundary between the real world and the one behind the screen. Versions launched in 2016 at the eponymous conference dedicated to creativity and VR with the New Museum’s incubator NEW INC.

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Time is running out! ⏰⏰⏰ VERSIONS 2017 is next week!

Time is running out! ⏰⏰⏰ VERSIONS 2017 is next week!

Don’t miss out – VERSIONS 2017 is next week. Get your tickets now to join us in New York next Saturday and Sunday, February 25-26th for two days of conversations, workshops and talks on where VR is heading next. We’ll be asking questions around the theme of “Facing Reality,” inviting a frank look at the current challenges and pitfalls of being a creator and consumer of VR technologies.

Come see our lineup of some of the most innovative voices from tech and beyond, including VR experts like Drew Bamford from HTC Labs, entertainment professionals like Diana Williams from Lucasfilm, and academics and critics like Chandler Burr, former scent critic for the New York Times. Bringing these voices together through panels, workshops and talks, we’ll explore how they’ve seen VR evolve and what unique potential it has across their industries.

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We also announced the full slate of workshops happening on Sunday, including hands-on experiences with the Microsoft Hololens and VR drawing technology, as well as sessions focusing on concerns like how to leverage brand partnerships and how to make money with VR/AR. Each one promises to be a deep dive into the real issues and possibilities we see in VR today.

For tickets to VERSIONS 2017 and for individual workshops, go here. For more information on the speakers, schedule and topics covered, visit our conference website.

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