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‘Tis the season to adopt Santa’s identity

‘Tis the season to adopt Santa’s identity

‘Tis the season to become Santa. Whether it’s murdering him and donning his jolly suit in the episodic game Hitman, or adopting the big man’s identity in the newly released virtual reality game Santa Sling. Being Santa is all the interactive rage this holiday season.

Santa Sling, from Seattle-based developers 8th Shore Inc., is a VR game where you’re the white bearded man himself, ready to deliver presents to all the good and naughty kids on Christmas day. Armed with presents, you launch assorted gifts straight into homes from your sleigh’s magical giant slingshot (no sliding down chimneys for this Clause). Hit the candy cane-decorated rings, and you garner extra points for ol’ Saint Nick.

Rudolph take the wheel.
Rudolph take the wheel.

Cockpits are one of the best vantage points for navigation in VRespecially for seated games. From EVE Valkyrie‘s greatly detailed cockpit to other space-bound shooters, now Santa’s sleigh finds itself resting alongside them. A good cockpit in VR gives you a sense of place, of belonging. Resting in the sleigh, you embody the jolly man himself.

Santa Sling, despite its simplicity, is a game to bait you into a festive spirit. Whether you love masquerading as Santa, are the type to always buy eggnog the first day of December, or just love spreading holiday cheer to the world, Santa Sling is probably the VR game to show off to your family this season. And ho ho ho happy holidays, as Santa might say.

You can download Santa Sling on Steam for $8.99.

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