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VERSIONS 2017, Speaker Spotlight: Jenn Duong

VERSIONS 2017, Speaker Spotlight: Jenn Duong

Jenn Duong, a speaker at our upcoming VERSIONS 2017 conference, is prolific in the space of virtual reality. The Los Angeles-based Director of VR oversees all things VR (ranging from ideation to production to post-production and distribution strategies) for the creative agency and production company 1215creative. In sum: she’s the mastermind behind all VR for 1215creative. But her work doesn’t end there.

In 2016, Duong co-founded SH//FT (Shaping Holistic Inclusion in Future Technologies), an organization that supports equality, diversity, and inclusion in future technologies. She was recently named #22 in Onalytica’s 100 Top Individual Virtual Reality Influencers of 2016. In addition to working at 1215creative, Duong is a mentor at Upload Collective. Outside of the realm of VR, she is always ready to talk about Game of Thrones, House of Cards, and Taylor Swift.

Duong will be an integral part of our panel “Who Owns the Future?” at VERSIONS 2017. The panel will also feature Drew Bamford (HTC Creative Labs), Opeyemi Olukemi (Tribeca Film Institute), and Tim Wu (Columbia Law School), as they all discuss the strategies that need to be implemented to democratize the often inaccessible technologies of VR, AR, and MR.

You can apply for tickets to attend our VERSIONS 2017 conference here.

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