12/4 Making Experimental Cinema With Unity

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December 4th, 2023

9am PST

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Taught by Berlin-based visual artist and filmmaker Mario Mu, this workshop is an excellent introduction to using game engines to create cinema. Mario’s practice merges several disciplines from game design to 3D animation to live-action role play and he brings a multidisciplinary approach to this session.

Workshop Outline

In this workshop, participants learn the basics of how cinema interacts with gaming, including a historical focus on what’s come before. You’ll also be able to answer the big question of “What is real-time world-building” before jumping into Unity. You’ll learn to set a scene, composite and bring models to life, and experiment with the camera.

– Look to the past for the groundwork for cinema and gaming

– Learn the characteristics of world-building in context and group discussion

– Get into Unity! Start a project, open up 3D models, work with files, and learn some shortcuts

– Set your camera up, choose parameters like focal length and focus, move the camera, and work through different points of view

About Your Instructor

Mario Mu is a visual artist and director living in Berlin, Germany.

Mario works on various research projects which are often constructed as extended gaming platforms. Apart from frequently incorporating sound and drawing, his practice mainly shifts between game design, 3D animation and performance.

He received a BFA from Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, Croatia and an MFA from University of Arts in Berlin, Germany. During 2016. and 2017. Mu was an active member of the Research Center for Proxy Politics, and since 2017. he has been working on a series of events as an author and collaborator at the TAP-Théâtre auditorium de Poitiers, France; V2 Rotterdam, The Netherlands; MGLC Ljubljana, Slovenia; MAAT Lisbon, Portugal; Play Co London, UK; Pakhuis de Zwijger in Amsterdam, The Netherlands; Ufer Studios, Galerie gr_und and Silent Green in Berlin, Germany; MSU, Pogon and GMK in Zagreb, Croatia among others.

Digital and online projects include collaborations with AVYSS, Mizuha, The Killscreen, The Carillon, BoCA Biennial, Milan Machinima Festival, Gamescenes, Itch.io, Gestalten Publishing, FACT Magazine, Wrong Biennale, The School of Machines, Making & Make-Believe, STYLY, Lima Sky,  Pivilion, and Inquiry Inc.