Revisiting the enduring horror of Far Cry 2

The Far Cry series has always dealt in discordance. Those hyper-saturated blues of travel agent brochures and the high-contrast greens of the indigenous flora, deliciously juxtaposed with the hyper-violence you were enacting on screen. It’s the calling card of the series, that contrast; travel fantasies gone wrong. But Far Cry: Primal, out in a few weeks, eschews that trait of the series in favor of a more muted palette. Its world is one untouched by pop culture aesthetics, it gets back to the dirt we supposedly rose out of in the hope that a retreat into our prehistory will rejuvenate…

A Series of Gunshots

A Series of Gunshots calls out senseless gun violence in games

In the narrowest of senses, Pippin Barr’s A Series of Gunshots is a shoot ‘em up. All you do is fire a gun. The game has no other mechanics or activities. It is, however, the farthest thing possible from a traditional shoot ‘em up. A Series of Gunshots is composed of a series of gunshots. Who’d have thought it? The game consists of a series of black and white scenes. No humans can be seen. Do they even exist in this world? Press a key—any key other than spacebar. A gun goes off. The shot is heard. A window in…


7DFPS is an essential rethinking of the first-person shooter

The mission that fuels 7DFPS (7 Day First Person Shooter) is one that desires to see what else can be achieved with the first-person shooter format.  For most of its existence, the first-person shooter has been restricted to shooting aliens, or Nazis, or another terrifying or despised Other. This is established and engrained within the genre so deeply that, for some, it’s near-impossible to imagine a first-person shooter as being anything that doesn’t reflect its past.  what else can be done with a first-person perspective and a bit of imagination  So a bunch of creators come together, or work by…