Muay Thai by day, League of Legends by night: A conversation with Tanet “Jacky” Puangngoen

When he comes onstage in the second-to-last panel in Tribeca Games’ “The Craft and Creative of League of Legends,” Tanet “Jacky” Puangngoen is not an immediately imposing figure. He’s on the shorter side, with a kind face and polite demeanor. Nevertheless, when he throws a mock punch in demonstration at James Patterson, the esports host flinches pretty hard. It could have something to do with the clip we all just watched of Jacky kicking a training pad over sixty times in a minute. Or it could just be the general knowledge that Puangngoen spends most days training in Muay Thai,…

We Are Chicago

We Are Chicago aims to dispel media myths about poor, black families

When thinking about the black neighborhoods in Chicago‘s south and west side most people will probably see death statistics. This is what the media thrusts into the public’s face time and again. It’s hardly an isolated incident; while purported to be based in fact, these statistics are trumpeted around for their racially charged implications. Bring it up again and again and those who are distant and unfamiliar with these neighborhoods can only associate them with gangland murders. What else do they have to go on? Being poor and black becomes enough for everyone else to fear you. And it seems to…


After two long years, the enigmatic spaces of Relativity are locking into place

For Willy Chyr, everything is locking into place all at once. There’s probably a click echoing through the cosmos in his name right now. Don’t listen for it, but know that if it exists, it’s satisfying in the way cracking your joints is, or crunching into that first thick-cut potato chip. For the past two years, Chyr has been working by himself on Relativity; an ornate metropolis of virtual architecture that doubles up as puzzle pieces. Only recently, as little as a few months ago, has it moved beyond being a series of disembodied enigmas and random spaces. Then, after a…