An upcoming videogame has you explore the world with a visual scanner

Spawned from his background in photography, Ivan Notaros has come up with a beautiful way to explore a videogame world in his upcoming project Scanner. As the title reveals, it has you seeing through a first-generation robot’s eyes as it ventures into a post-humanity world, constructing 3D images with a visual scanner. Speaking during European Innovative Games Showcase at GDC Europe 2015 (in a video you can watch here), Notaros explains how he arrived upon his discovery. It all started when he began playing with photo-scanning. This is a cheaper alternative to buying a proper 3D scanning device to capture the points…


This photo series captures the sublime horror of nuclear disaster

Despite—or perhaps because of—the horrifying nature of nuclear disaster, something of the sublime tends to emerge from out of the plumes and ashes. Creators have been trying to make sense of this ungodly power that we’ve wielded ever since the nuclear bomb was first invented, only to lay waste to its first unsuspecting target shortly thereafter. In fact, in the 70s, survivors of America’s 1945 attack on Nagasaki and Hiroshima took to creating art in mass about the horrors that befell them. a nation still trying to grapple with the fear of city-wide apocalypse  Of course, the atom bomb wasn’t the…


You’ll miss Instagram’s squares when they’re gone

Instagram announced on Thursday that its signature 1:1 aspect ratio was no more. An update for Android and iOS clients will allow users to upload full-sized portrait and landscape photos. The square will remain Instagram’s fundamental unit, but its value as a cultural currency has been devaluated. Without the hassle of using third-party apps or aggressive cropping to fit images into a square frame, one can only expect the proportion of oblong images in Instagram feeds—currently estimated at 20%—to increase. As The Verge’s Ariha Setalvad points out, this is good news for tourists at the notoriously tall Eiffel Tower. It…


Photo series captures the "existential despair" of GTA V

Grand Theft Auto V is an ugly mirror held up to modern-day America, and it’s plenty dark as it is, thanks. But Danish photographer Morten Rockford Ravn has taken to capturing the game’s inherent “existential despair” in striking black-and-white snapshots with the in-game camera phone. It’s an ongoing series of virtual photography that he’s calling “Fear and Loathing in GTA V.”  Ravn further explained to The Creator’s Project that what he’s trying to bring out with his photos is the “darker side of virtual reality.” He describes how he drives around on a motorbike as if Jake Gyllenhaal’s morbid go-get-’em reporter in Nightcrawler, searching for…


Best light show ever takes place in cathedral

Sometime in the 1820s, Nicéphore Niépce created “View from the Window at Le Gras,” an image from his countryside estate that would later become the world’s oldest surviving photograph. Nearly two centuries later, people snap, discard, and forget about pictures more precise and vibrant than anything Niépce could have imagined. Now, it’s no longer enough to perfectly represent the things we see. Instead, the challenge is to take the world as we see it and re-populate it with own images. One project, IOIN, is Ján Šicko’s attempt to do just that. Coming out of DevKid, his creative laboratory, IOIN is…