Facebook’s looking to streamline your next breakup

I started dating when MSN Messenger was still a thing and started breaking up in the era of Facebook, which was a good system right up until the moment that it wasn’t. That last comment is probably a fair description of all relationships. Social media did not create the awkwardness of breakups, but it did lengthen the gauntlet through which the newly single must run, and running is hard when all you want to do is stay in bed with Netflix and a tub of ice cream. Facebook has apparently decided to do something about this 21st century problem. In a…


India’s new political app is Tinder with a point system

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has shown himself to be a digital revolutionary for his country. He has 14 million followers on Twitter, 29 million likes on his Facebook page, and trails only behind President Obama for the highest number of online fans for a national leader. Earlier this month, he revitalized his campaign to provide fast internet connections to 250,000 Indian villages by 2019, after arranging for free wi-fi at the Taj Mahal. In India, one of the fastest growing technological platforms in the world, Modi has established himself as a social media icon. The only thing he was…


Following the digital ghosts of a dead social network

Do you worship at the altar of the microblog? Think about it. What’s your morning ritual? Reaching for your phone before you brush your teeth? Commenting on a Facebook status during the drive to work? Replying to emails between bites of a breakfast bagel? The trailer of Book of the Dead says it best: “Entertainment dominates our lives. We consume content and it consumes us.” We consume content and it consumes us.   Silverstring Media, the team behind Book of the Dead, calls the project a digital triptych, a three-part interactive project, on a world in ruins after the collapse…


Blow your haters a big fat smooch in Kissing Foes

In the age of social media toxicity, people need a plan of action for dealing with hater McFrowny Faces now more than ever. There seems to be two divergent paths in the quest to conquer a hater: either go into battle mode and attempt to defeat your foe, or kill ’em with kindness. One of the most disarming things you could possibly say to someone trying to eviscerate you emotionally is, “Wanna make out?” Offering a sign of love to your attacker—right as they’re leaning in to rip out your throat—works almost the same as a slap: a sudden and…